Pleasure to meet you!

I am an Oakland-based artist, originally from a small equestrian town in Los Angeles County. My mother is a Japanese immigrant and my father is 3rd generation Italian American. Growing up ethnically ambiguous in a predominantly white area, I didn’t feel like I fit into any community or culture. Themes of identity, isolation, and transcendence in my artwork are a reflection of this experience. In my work there are reoccurring narratives of women in surreal and fantastic settings. The symbolic imagery of masks with Pinocchio-like noses represents duplicity and the shadows of our character. My artwork is enigmatic, mystical, and surrealistic. Making art is a navigating tool for me to explore my subconscious and discover my truths. Printmaking has been my preferred medium since 2013 but I also work in other mediums, such as painting and digital art. I make almost all of my prints at Max's Garage Press alongside incredibly talented artists that I am proud to call my print community. I graduated from University of California Berkeley with a BFA in Fine Art.